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Welcome to my Best Wax Melts UK page!

I have been making wax melts, candles, reed diffusers, novety wax melts and more since 2020

The passion came from having a passion for fragrances in my home but i could never find

a product that lasted or even smelt that great, So i ended up having so many scattered across my home

and i was often asked the question

" Bex, why do you have so many air fresheners? "

So late during 2019 when covid came, i decided to buy some products & Create Reed Diffusers

I created some amazing Reed Diffusers, which smelt amazing and fragranced my home for a long time

I gave some to friends and family and they thought the quality and scent was so good,i decided to

create a small hand made business and open up a Etsy shop which i did well with and received some amazing reviews

It was not long and i branched into Wax Melts, Novelty wax Melts, candles & More

My Aim is to make all my Products as highly fragranced as possible & at great affordable prices.

Due to the passion i have creating my products, and the reviews i receive, i believe i offer Best Wax Melts UK

I offer FAST & FREE delivery on all orders, but i only offer my products to UK Customers only.

I Hope you enjoy browsing my products & find something interesting to you :-)



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