Rose Reed Diffuser

Touch of Rose Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffusers are a oil based air freshener with reeds that stand up absorbing the oil from
the glass bottle which contains base oil and a Fragrance oil, and then slowly releases a
rose scent into your home.

This Rose Fragrance Reed diffuser is an identical scent to freshly picked roses.
Bursting with a crisp sweet aromas, you really can't go wrong with this popular fragrance oil.

At Bex-Delicious-Scents the reed diffuser bottles are hand crafted and made to look pretty,
unlike your standard reed diffusers brought in the local supermarket.

These reed diffusers have a long lasting scent, which lasts for months.

Have the real fragrance of Rose flowing through your home

Rose Fragrance oil - Order your Reed Diffuser today!!

Rose Reed Diffuser

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